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Rock Creek Wilderness, Annie Bittner

Welcome! Let’s get straight to the facts, shall we.

  1. Name: Annie
  2. My person: Scotty, married 10 years in July. He’s studying biology and also enjoys cooking. He’s the brains behind all of our outdoor adventures.
  3. Day Job: I am a therapeutic toddler teacher and home visitor. I get to hang out with kids and families and play.
  4. Where do you live? Born and raised in Oregon, more specifically the Willamette Valley.
  5. Food philosophy: Homemade foods are the best foods. Eat everything in moderation.
  6. Favorite food: garden fresh tomatoes and ice cream
  7. Celebrity crush: Robert Redford circa Jeremiah Johnson
  8. Β Favorite place to hike: The Maze in Corvallis, Oregon
  9. Favorite Memory: Hiking across Preko in Croatia and swimming on Christmas Day.
  10. Do you always wear that beanie? Not always.
  11. An adventure I’d like to have: I’d like to hike around Scotland and visit scotch distilleries.
  12. Who made your logo? Kevin Abrams.
  13. Why do you blog? This blog is a great space to exercise my creativity muscles. I felt like I needed a space to share what I love and what I do in the kitchen. This space pushes me to make new things and to improve my skills. It also provides an outlet for practicing photography and writing–two things that I have little confidence in currently. Finally, it’s a great way to connect with other people.
  14. What do you look forward to? My favorite time of the week is coffee time with Scotty, when the day is new and anything is possible. I like to sip coffee and look at cookbooks or browse the web.
  15. What do you dread? I really dislike my 45 minute drive home from work.
  16. Favorite pasttimes: hiking, walking, doing puzzles, pottery, cooking, baking, web browsing
  17. Favorite food to make: Galette
  18. Top 3 kitchen items: a good knife, a dutch oven, sheet pans
  19. Favorite Blogs: Smitten Kitchen, A Cup of Jo, The Sugar Hit
  20. In 10 years: In ten years, I want to be tromping around a farm wearing boots and overalls while covered in clay or mud or flour.
  21. Something I’d love to try: Rock Climbing


I'm Annie, and you're in the right place if you like cooking and baking, as well as pottery and the outdoors (particularly Oregon).
  • Secretly wishing this basket was full of chocolate chip cookies instead of chanterelles.😬 #mushrooms #oregon #explore #cookies
  • This rhubarb ripple frozen yogurt is up on the blog as well as some Friday links and an Oregon spring flowers post. Basically, a lot of blog things are happening, but I've been too lazy to #instagram about them. 😬 Find it all via the link in my profile! 😍In other news, Scotty is 31 today, and we shall celebrate by feasting on ribs and fried chicken. πŸ™ŒπŸ‘#homemade #feedfeed #thefeedfeed #dessert #desserts #froyo #rhubarb #spring #springvibes #bonappetit #sweet #thatsdarling #spoonfeed #onmytable #foodwinewomen #foodandwine #foodpost #foodblogfeed #nomnomnom #eeeeeats
  • Happy Friday! Check out the best weekend meal on forest and food now. Overnight deep dish pizza features all the cheese, a cast iron skillet vessel, and a dough that you can throw in the fridge and forget about for 24 hours. #pizza #huffposttaste #nomnomnom #eeeeeats #foodgawker #food #dinner #dinnerdate #cheese #castironskillet #lunch #lunchtime #weekendvibes #foodwinewomen #foodandwine #thefeedfeed #feedfeed #thebakefeed #bake #homemade



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