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Oregon Spring Flowers

Oregon spring flowers

Oregon spring flowers mean a lot of things for me–fruit is coming, winter is leaving, and Scotty is pausing to take it all in. He’s a really good pauser, especially this time of year, when he notices nearly invisible flowers, like the one above. He spotted that one from an impressive distance, casually saying, “here’s a cool flower.” Those thin, almost nonexistent petals deserve some attention in this space of the web. They’re not abundantly bright and bursting like a rose or a tulip, and they do sort of remind me of spider legs, but I’m in awe.

Oregon spring flowers

Perhaps I should take a pause myself and note that I’m not a botanist. I know nothing about plant identification and found myself googling “blue purple bell shaped flower” in an effort to label a flower you’ll see should you continue scrolling. Scotty is a purist when it comes to plant identification. Or rather, I labeled him a purist after he told me that my google method was futile. At any rate, we have Scotty has managed to identify a handful of flowers featured here, many of which will soon be berries. At the forefront of the photo above, you will see red-flowering currant. The yellow flowers in the background are Oregon grape. And in the very back are cream-colored blobs, aka elderberry flowers. Three Oregon spring beauties in one photograph.

Oregon spring flowers

Oregon spring flowers

Here we have a better view of the elderberry flowers. Scotty has some incredible ideas for this plant’s berries, including wine and jelly.

Oregon spring flowers

A close up of the red-flowering currant. There are so many of these babies growing near our home, and I’m envisioning drying a bounty of their berries. Later, mid-winter, I’ll throw them into breads and pilafs.

Oregon spring flowers

Here’s another soon-to-be-edible berry. The salmonberry (flower seen above) is Scotty’s favorite berry, and he boasts that it tastes like white wine. Scotty votes that we eat them straight from the plant. Perhaps they’ll soon be rotated into our picnic spread.

Oregon spring flowers

Here’s the “blue purple bell shaped flower” that we haven’t  Scotty hasn’t been able to identify. This was the lone flower of its kind, but I think that more are on the way.

Oregon spring flowers

Finally, we have another edible plant, or so we think. Scotty believes that this tiny white-flowered plant is miner’s lettuce. Whatever it is, we ate some and we’re still alive.

Here’s what I really love about Oregon spring flowers–they’re a perfect middle. They embody a beautiful pause between a moment of rest and one of great labor and energy. These flowers are a deep breath.

Last year’s spring flower moments can be seen/read about here.

  • Scotty hasn’t figured out the top flower, the spidery one? I’ve never seen that one, either. I did take a couple of springtime wildflower walks with my granddaughter in Oregon, and learned some of your flowers. Like this one: https://gretchenjoanna.com/2015/05/13/annie-and-i-walk-and-shoot/

    May is a great month for looking at wildflowers. I like the Forest part of your blog 🙂

    • Annie says:

      I love your Oregon flower walk post. It sounds like my perfect day and what a special thing to share with your granddaughter. And nope, he hasn’t. Two botany classes later, and there are still so many mysteries surrounding us. He’s been studying a twig identification book in an effort to continue plant identification in the winter, when there’s nothing to see but bare branches. This was mildly helpful when he was able to point out poison oak.

      I must say that I’ve been a bit envious of the California bounty I see springing up right now. Oregon is a few paces behind you guys and it’s such a tease.

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